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版本 3.3.5a
类型 Progression PVP PvE Only Crossfaction Arenas Friendly Staff Max Level 80 Voting Rewards
United States
最近更新29 Apr 2019
加入日期19 Apr 2019

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After playing many years of retail WoW and private servers, we’ve decided that we want to create an environment that takes advantage of all that WotLK had to offer. We want your experience of WotLK to be nostalgic and authentic without spending too much time being where you don’t want to be. Whether you want to make your mark in the Arena, end game raid, or show off your mount collection in the Dalaran Sewers, Mozu WoW is here to give you the best experience possible.


We want to get players where they want to be efficiently as possible while still making you feel accomplished in the end. Cross faction battlegrounds, dungeons, and heroics will keep you in the action and progressing with minimal down time. Offering 5x experience all the way to level 80 will get you working towards your goals without being stuck in sunken temple longer than one can bare while still experiencing early game content. On top of that, dual specialization and cold weather flying will be more accessible to all players.


To give you the best experience, we will be constantly making updates and improvements driven by the community for the well being of the server. We want to hear from our members on what we can do better to make your experience in WotLK the best possible because the community ultimately makes the game.