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版本 1.7.10
类型 Forge Spigot Modded New Flans Mod Buildcraft Modpack Survival
United States
最近更新22 Oct 2017
加入日期16 Oct 2017

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KFlans   This is the official Minecraft server for my KFlansPack on Technic Launcher. https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/kflanspack.1110435. Join the server and play with us in this survival flans modded Minecraft experience. If you like guns then we got tons! If you like tanks then you're in luck as we got many of them as well! If you're a pilot for a plane or helicopter then you aren't missing out either! Many content packs were added so you can have a ton of fun. We even use the 1.8 packs with the newer vehicles models. We even have a festive Is-2 from Christmas that we thought was so funny we just decided to keep it in. Who doesn't wanna ride a tank with a big red hat! You have other choices in your experience on this server. We also use other mods like Build craft and Thermal Expansion. You are able to apply for staff at join but we will not accept or decline apps until a 10 minute playtime has been reached on your account for the server. The Helper staff rank is already set up and ready to be applied for and the other staff ranks will be added in the near future.  We welcome you to KFlans and hope you will enjoy!