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版本 1.8.8
类型 Survival Survival Skyblock Parkour Paintball TNTRun Towny
最近更新31 Dec 2015
加入日期28 Nov 2015

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你好我们最近改成了BungeeCord。我 现在有一个额外的服务器,但我 有稳定性问题。不要害怕服务器 开始时大多没有任何延迟。我们 在25565跑,所有的两个禁令都被赦 免了。注意你的皮肤不会丢失没有 破解的客户寿。

Change Logs
28 Nov 2015
Now, every new player belongs to the members group. You can start playing like normal when you first join the server.
28 Nov 2015
16:54 - Added user-friendly menus to replace slash commands.
28 Nov 2015
Added holograms for better information.
28 Nov 2015
Disabled plugin Anitcheat, causing trouble when logging in.
28 Nov 2015
Server down, we are going to change back to 25565
28 Nov 2015
Changed to 25565
29 Nov 2015
Added portals
29 Nov 2015
Added Dynmap
29 Nov 2015
30-11-2015 - Going to let pirated games in.
03 Dec 2015
Server temporarily down, no further information.
03 Dec 2015
Server now up and running.
03 Dec 2015
New port. Use 8081 to connect instead of 25565.
14 Dec 2015
We now have a new IP. To be released soon.
14 Dec 2015
Revoked pirates' access to server
14 Dec 2015
Server now in testing phase. Last development and testing phase scheduled for 16-12-2015.
17 Dec 2015
Reopening date: Tomorrow!
18 Dec 2015
The server is now open!!!!

Minimum age: 13 years or older
Minimum age until promotion 14 years or older
Skills required: None.
Experience: Optimal if you have been staff on other servers.
If your application is approved, you will be promoted to helper. You will be the staff's ears and eyes ,and if there isn't a moderator online, you recieve complaints/critics and deliver them to staff. You are basically a helper. If the staff finds you helpful and trustworthy, they may teach you the basics of being a moderator. By the time you turn 14, if you applied when 13, you may have been promoted to Moderator. You may also be fired if staff considers you not to be trustworthy nor useful. Additional dismissal reasons include, but not limited to: Failure to abide to the rules; lazyness; inactivity; lack of loyalty and Desertation. Note that you won't be exempt from punishments.