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投票支持 服务器

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状态 Unknown
最近PingMonitoring disabled
类型 Airdrops Voting Rewards Starter Kit Short Nights PVE Noob Friendly Events 5x Gather Auto Doors Fast Smelting
United Kingdom
最近更新22 Feb 2022
加入日期04 Feb 2022


- Forced Monthly Wipe At Rust Update Only!

- Very friendly modded server with active admins monitored by owner via Rcon.

- Starter kits containing tools, starter base and clothing. /Kit

- Auto authorisation for your team on TC, Turrets and keylocked doors

- Timed Kits and rewards for loyal players

- Get a daily supply signal for voting for our server!

- Stack size modifications: Stack core resources up to 15,000 and most other items up to between 1-300

- No Blueprints's

- Workbench range is extended over entire building.

- Custom Loot Table.

- Custom Raidable NPC Bases with NPC defenders.

- Server Rewards: points are earned for everything you do. playtime, gathering, mining, harvesting, killing       NPCs/animals, quests, voting daily, etc. Spend these points in the /s store.

- Backpacks for extra inventory space.

- Stack size modifications: Stack core resources up to 15,000 and most other items up to between 1-300.

- Remover tool /remove.

- Sign Artist: Upload jpegs or pngs to any sign in game.

- Scientists roam monuments and Scarecrows roam the map day and night!

- Faster crafting, smelting and recycling.

- Teleportation: (/home /bandit /outpost /town).

- Furnace Splitter: automatically split ore in a furnace with an additional fuel trim option.

- Lanterns do not require fuel and auto turn on/off during the night. Candles never burn out.

- Loot Bouncer: Empties and destroys a crate if it's been looted and has items remaining in it. Also slaps the fool who left shit in them!

ExplicitGamerzUk servers are aimed toward more mature players and we strive for a toxic-free community.
We aim to build a community of players that involve themselves in the life of the server. 
Our team will do its upmost best to moderate the server without restricting the players, but we still have some basic rules to follow. 
Be sure to read and understand them.