Cobalt Corporation

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投票支持 服务器

Discord Discord
状态 Unknown
最近PingMonitoring disabled
类型 PVP PVE Economy Events Vehicles Upgraded NPCs
United States
最近更新10 Feb 2022
加入日期20 Jan 2022


Server Features: Airfield Drops, Auto Lock Programming, Automatic Base Repair, Backpacks, Better Loot, Blood Trails, Bounties, Boxes Stack, Bradley Guards, CH-47 Hijackable , Discord Integration, Draw Bridges, Economics, Voting, Economics from Discord Event, Flare Guns, Auto Float in Water, Furnace Splitting, Grid Power, Guarded Crates, Hack Electronic Locks, Hackable Crates Require Laptops, Harbor Event, Heli Lands to Refuel, Heli Support, Increased Stack Sizes, Instant Craft, Instant Upgrade of Building Grades, Large Planter Boxes Auto Plant/Harvest, Lock Ovens/Vehicles, Research Medical Box Which Heals Nearby Players, New Player Kit, Night PVP, NPC Raiders, Parachutes, Plant Trees, Purchase Vehicles, Quick Smelting, Radiation Storms, Remover Tool, Research Defibrillators to Revive Players, Hide in Barrel from Heli, Satellite Dish Event, Security Lights, Shoot down low flying C-130s, Shop, Sign Artist, Skins, Submersible Water Pumps, TC – Turret Authorization Syncing, Trade, Train Event, Backpacks, Vehicle Turrets, Water Bases, and Z Levels.