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状态 Unknown
最近PingMonitoring disabled, to many fails.
类型 2x Gather Active Admin Active Support Radiation 2x Smelt Clans More Scientists Animals Friendly Community Airdrops on Map Fast Crafting
United States
最近更新16 Oct 2019
加入日期02 Oct 2019


• 2x Gather, Crafting & Smelting Speed/Rate
• 4 Player Roaming Limit (unlimited around main base for clan/group)
• Furnace Splitter
• Vanilla Loot Table (extremely minimal changes)
• Auto use of Low Grade Fuel out of TC for Lights.
• Free Starter Kit (type /kit in game to redeem)
• Rust Rewards (in game rewards for playing)
• More Scientists on Junkpiles and Power Poles
• Scientists added around monuments except Outpost & Bandit Camp
• More Bears, More Wolfs, More Stags, More Chickens, and less Stags
• Shorter Night Cycle (Night lasts 3 mins and Day lasts 57 mins)
• Scoreboard for kills, time played, and a lot more(/ranks)
• Clans & Friendly Fire (/clan help and /ff)
• Reserved Queue for VIP and higher
• ANY skin you want for VIP and higher
• BGrade (auto builds at stone for example) for VIP and higher
• Blueprints - Some role-player friendly BPs added by default that do not effect the Vanilla feel but are no longer in the Vanilla loot table like door closer

-- For rules, list of plugins, and more, type /info in game --