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网站 ragefire.co
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版本 317
类型 All Skills PvP PvM Bossing Minigames Events Quest
位置 United States
最近更新08 Feb 2023
加入日期25 Dec 2022



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About RageFire


-Chambers of xerics

-Achievements with interfaces

-Mystery boxes with interfaces

-Drop Table with searching

-11 Total Quests

-35+ Bosses

-Slow Xp Rates

-Perfect switching




-Daily hour reward

-Daily task system

-5 Slayer Masters


-Custom items

-Choose you Jad waves


-Pot Timers

-Npc kill count, with rewards

-Free member to first 10 Players!

World 2

-Custom Edgeville home
-Custom locations for bossing
-22+ Bosses
-Global boss 100m to spawn in
-Thieving stalls home/ardougne big stalls
-Skilling improved
-Lots of nulled sprites repaired
-New client
-Disable construction until further notice
-Added 2B money bags
-Coll Neck desposits straight to bank
-Purple wings
-RageFire Katanas
-Death cape Collects coins straight to inventory
-Improved mining emote
-Dropped exp rate
-Double exp weekends/with stack
-Pk points fixed
-Nerf bosses hp/attack speeds/max hits
-Drops updated
-Teleports updated
-More achievements
-Removed trivia
-Blood money less freq drops boss drop
-Blood money store
-Toxic blow pipe fixed
-Requires zulrah scales
-Iron man mode dung shops
-200m XP cape
-Added Darth Maul Torva
-Dark Maul Whip
-Poly Staff
-Drygore Set
-AFK Kindling Rock
-Eviltree nerfed down
-Purgatory Set
-Updated website store more
-Fixed dzone commands
-No longer only Member
-Gold,Super, and Extreme now
-Droptable updated more
-Zombie minigame shop updated
-Pking shop updated
-Dung shop updated 
-Magma helm and Tanz helm
-Donator scrolls with $ claim and member points
-Drygore wings
-Dark maul wings
-Purgatory wings
-World random message spammer slowed down
-Updated slayer shop
-Nerfed zulrahs
-Fixed Trio bosses now taking damage
-Added twisted bow
-1B "Tokens" are a thing, not released yet not sure how i feel about them
-Boss token shop
-Evil tree giving kinlding
-All bosses dropping tokens
-Max cape collects drops to inventory
-Changed few achievement rewards around
-Construction lamp xp working
-New Starter setup
-Adjusted the stalls 80-99 xp
-High ranked achievements rewrote the rewards