Tanoth 667

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网站 tanothps.org
Discord Discord
版本 667
类型 Custom Interfaces Custom Content 2011 Stylish Server
最近更新26 Jan 2022
加入日期26 Jan 2022


  1. About us

    Tanoth, a 667 server using the Disturbed v2.2 aka Matrix 1 source.
    providing some of the most enjoyable content with balanced mechanics. You won't find any crazy custom items & bosses, but rather our own take on the 2011 Experience with diverse Skilling, Challenging Bosses, Interesting Quests and so much more.
    This is our rendition of how a perfect server would look like. Over the past months we have redesigned our home area to accommodate for a small playerbase. we have tried to keep everything uncluttered & extremely functional.

    Some Key Features

    - Collection Log
    - Discord Integration
    - Moneypouch
    - Global World Events
    - Custom Skilling pets
    - Boss Instances
    - Bank Presets
    - Fully working grand exchange
    - Supports 23 Skills incl. Construction, Summoning, & Farming
    - Supports 7 Game Modes Easy, Normal, Hard, Legend & Elite, Ironman & HCIM with its unique droprates
    - 7 Boss pets
    - PvP Hotspots
    - Wilderness Minigame
    - Remapped Edgeville
    - Wilderness Activities - from Skilling to PvM & Pking
    - Achievement system
    - Custom mini-quests
    - Unique loyalty programme
    - Scam-Safe gambling
    - Daily Skilling Challenges
    - Unique Player Perks
    - OSBuddy like Healthbar + Item text tiles
    - Runelite like tooltips
    - Potion Timers

    Notable Minigames & Distractions Supported

    - Puro Puro
    - Fight Caves
    - Warrior's Guild
    - Penguins hide and seek
    - Pest Control
    - Customized Barrows
    - Wilderness Activities - from Skilling to PvM & Pking!
    - Skilling Spotlights
    - Rogue's Den