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网站 osu.heavenmore.xyz
Discord Discord
类型 Relax Autopilot custom pp Tournaments Vanilla Anticheat Chill Legit
位置 Italy
最近更新08 Aug 2023
加入日期16 May 2023


Heaven More (old osu!italia), The server developed by Italians (and an australian...)

The most legit server you could ever find.
We're Italians who don't know what the fuck to do from morning to night and we said "why not create an osu server?) and we did.

We offer:

  • Custom PP (slightly boosted)

  • Custom Ranked, Loved (to be made over)

  • Separate leaderboard for Vanilla, Relax and AutoPilot

  • Rank Request

  • Clans

  • Anti-Cheat

(Server hosted in singapore for the most stable connection possible)