Osu Cookie

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网站 osucookie.studio
Discord Discord
类型 Normal Anticheat Clans Multiplayer Relax Solo Tournaments Standard
位置 United Kingdom
最近更新03 Sep 2022
加入日期27 Jan 2022


Hey! We are osu! Cookie.


We are a new private osu! server and we try to achieve our #1 goal.

Making ourselfs a successful server whilist having a great community.

Which, We currently don't know if it will happen since again, We're one of the newest servers out here but We are going to try our best.

Our server is still being developed and YOU, Yes you, can actually give suggestions for the server on our #suggestions channel! (It would mean a lot btw)

We would love it if you could at least give us a try!

@ Admin Dex