AsgardMu S17 X5000

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版本 S17
类型 X5000
United States
最近更新09 Feb 2022
加入日期30 Jan 2022


Asgard Mu Online Season 17

New characters Kundun, Lemuria's new 4th wing, and new mastery weapons & armour!
New hunting ground Kethotum map with Elite zones! New Kethotum elites give Wcoins on Kill!

Exp: X5000, Master: x5000, Majestic: x5000

Reset: 400lvl in-game! Stats Stays. 1KK zen * Reset, 10 Wcoins, 10 GoblinPoints + 1000 RUUD per reset command /reset

Grand Reset: 150 Resets, 5000 Wcoins reward, Stats and resets burns.

Stats after reset Stays, Max stats: 32000 Regular points per level
Shops: NPC for all classes with weapons, shields, wings 1 and 2lvl, and sets.

Chaos machine item level up: for all items 0 till +15 and errtels/pentas level up success rate 100%

Each Class has its own NPC with all skills (ruud skills included), 1and 2lvl wings, 3 sets and Weapons!

Balanced PVP and buffed PVP for max stats style gameplay!

Exciting PVE from o resets till maximum stats!

Regular events, elites and mini-bosses!

Full new item drop, including new character items in top maps!

HDID limit: 10 accounts can be played from one PC at a time.