GlobalMuOnline S18P3

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版本 season18
类型 X9999 X50 10December New World
United States
最近更新11 Feb 2023
加入日期14 Nov 2021


GlobalMuOnline S18P3

GlobalMUOnline Season 18 NEW X50 Server Opening at 10.February New medium/low experience server for longterm grinding/farming!

Startergift: Skeleton ring +Pet 3days + 5x Bless of Light, type: startergift

Opening events:

  1. Get 400level, type /level400 and will get random 2lvl wings box
  2. Get 10resets, type: /reset10 To get Pendant FO

Version: Season 18 Part 1-3

Experience Regular/Master/Majestic: X50

Double Experience on events, events every 1hour!

Resets system: 400 Level * 1kk zen, Stats Burns, Free stats: 500

Grand reset: 350Res, Stats burns: 15'000PlayPoints. Extra: Claim Conqueror badge on 350Resets! 

Ice wind event: Every day 1000Wcoins rewards
Castle siege: Every Sunday, 10'000Wcoins reward!

GP rewards: Each level 1GP

Reset rewards by resets:
0-10: 10Wcoins, 10Gp, 1000Ruud!
11-50: 20Wcoins, 20Gp, 2000Ruud! Custom reset buff: 20% Defense +20% Damage 20% HP
51-150: 30Wcoins, 30Gp, 3000Ruud! Custom reset buff: 30% Defense +30% Damage 30% HP
151-250: 40Wcoins, 40Gp, 4000Ruud! Custom reset buff: 40% Defense +40% Damage 40% HP
251-350: 50Wcoins, 50Gp, 5000Ruud!  Custom reset buff: 50% Defense +50% Damage 50% HP

Drops on All maps:

Pets: Panda, Skeleton, Pet unicorn, Demon, Spirit of Guardian
Silver, Gold medals: Items, Weapons +11+13
Box of Luck: Jewels
Chocolate/Candy boxes: Exc items and weapons/Ancient items
800+level maps: Ruud Boxes
800+level maps: Mithrils
800+level maps: Goblin Treasure boxes    
Kantruru underground: Silver Golden Keys

Extra drop - Experience bottles: Mini bosses Roosters that spawn in Lorencia every 3hours, (spawn is announced) drop experience bottles, by using them players get experience and level! Bottles are tradable and sellable!