X1000 - 12 October

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版本 Season 16 Part 2
类型 x1000
最近更新09 Oct 2021
加入日期20 Jun 2021


HitMu Online Season 16 Part 2!
Server x1000 Grand Opening 12 OCTOBER!
Registration opened, register HERE.

Opening time:
UTC +2, 17.00 - Poland
UTC +8, 23.00 - Philippines
UTC -3, 12.00 - Argentina
Or check countdown in website header!

Server location: Canada! Lowest latency, best anti-ddos for players from all over the world!

Welcome to HitMu Online x1000 Season 16 Part 2! This server is medium rate based on moderate leveling and a lot of PvP events and strategies. In-game you will receive excellent, ancient and socket items, sets, rightly grinding jewels, ruud, zen. To earn top items you will need a lot of resets, to conquer boss monsters. For the certain resets you will earn W Coins, Goblin Points and Ruud! Events are every 1-2 hour, a lot of spot in each maps which you can find with TAB, clear game economy and more. Join us and make fun!

About Season 16 Part 2 features: 
- Here you will meet new awakening powerful Magic Gladiator. Years of developments and now Magic Gladiator is one most important character of continent with new fury skills and abilities. New skill also receives Gun Crusher! 
- New beautiful Guardian Pet – Lion! From these moment players can moving faster in safe zones by riding on pets. The game become more dynamic! 
- New farm zone location – Grey Aida. Here you can find Manticore Items, Excellent Socket Jewelry, and Lions Parts. 

Server info:
Version: Season 16 Part 2
Experience: x1000 (Regular, Master, Majestic)
Drop: 50%
Max. Level: 1000 (400 - Regular, 400 - Master, 200 - Majestic)
Grand Reset from 215 Resets

Maximum connections from IP/PC = 5.

Web market:
Sell/buy items from other players for W Coins (command in game /offtrade) and other game currencies.

Vote Reward:
Vote for server and receive W Coins every day!

Reset system:
To make reset you must reach 400 level. Reset is made in game: /reset.
Reset cost 1.000.000 Zen * Reset Count, Stats after Reset burns, points per reset - 500, maximum stats 32000.
Rewards for reset: 20 W Coins, 100 Goblin Points.

Grand Reset system:
From 215 Resets, on website, stats burns.
GR Reward: 5000 W Coins.

Extra drop:
In extra drop added next items: Demon, Spirit of Guardian, Unicorn Pet, Panda Pet, Skeleton Pet.
This items drop all maps, starting from Lorencia.
Wings lvl1 added to extra drop till Aida.