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版本 Season 15
类型 X5000 Starter Giftcodes Fast Resets Easy Loot 10x NORESET OPENING 11SEPTEMBER
最近更新16 Oct 2020
加入日期13 Dec 2019


Welcome to Asgard Mu Online Season 15 part 1 server! This is a new mu online project based on latest updates on S15!

2 Worlds X10 & MAX EXP! Easy Settings FUN GAMEPLAY!

Spots in all maps, higher level maps have strong mobs! For top maps close to maximum stats are required! Max stats are 32000!
Max connections per PC 5, Events 1
Bosses drops Blue Aye, Silver Heart exc items!

New Class Slayer, Sayer, Royal Slayer, Master Slayer, Slaughterer! Slayer is a new female class character and is attack power is build only by Strenght. Character is similar to Dark Knight, as she can use some of the same skills and wings as well.
Slayer items: Flat Short Sword, Dacia Short Sword, Cookery Short Sword, and can wear some of the DK items like: Wings of Dragon,Wings of Chaos and skill, Rageful Blow, Detection Bead

Slayer skills: Rageful Blow, Twisting Slash, Rush, Pierce Attack, Detection, Sword Inertia, Bat Flock! Skills video HERE
New Wings for Slayer, Wings of Silence
New MUUN Desmodus for Slayer
New Map: Abyss Atlans, Scorched Canyon
New Monsters for Map Scorched Canyon
New Mastery Weapons and Items for all classes
New UI for Item Upgrade System

2nd level Earrings support, 2nd level Earrings mixes, 2nd level Earrings new options
Summoner Renewal - Berserker Buff, Darkness Buff, Death Scythe Skill, Remake of old skills (Explosion, Requiem, Pollution)
Summoner Renewal - changes in 3rd and 4th Skill Tree, New Items (Books), Changes in Excellent / Set Options
New pet, Ghost Horse
New Items 4th and 5th (Soul, Blue Eye) for Rune Wizard
New Mastery Weapons for Rune Wizard