Terra Origins SMP

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状态 Unknown
最近PingMonitoring disabled
版本 1.19
类型 AntiGrief Survival PvE origins Modded voicechat new java FarmersDelight Graves
位置 United Kingdom
最近更新27 Aug 2023
加入日期24 Jul 2023


Welcome to our brand new Minecraft 1.19 server! The server has a 99.9% uptime and unfortunately only supports Java edition (sorry, bedrock players!). We have plenty of wonderful quality-of-life Fabric mods including: Origins, voice chat, backpacks, veinminer, and FallingTree. Griefing, raiding, and PvP are prohibited and we don't tolerate any bigotry or harassment - it's all about being friendly and inclusive.

In order to play you'll need to join our Discord to be whitelisted and download our mods. Here's the link: http://discord.gg/Nc8BvyrP3p