Natural Minecraft

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版本 Latest
类型 PvP Survival Greif Prevention Economy
位置 United Kingdom
最近更新18 Apr 2023
加入日期18 Apr 2023


Welcome to Natural Minecraft

The new best survival Minecraft server

We're a friendly community server offering multiple gamemodes on the same server, for a real community feel!

Our server offers:

Semi-Vanilla Survival
The survival server features a player run economy and some quality of life plugins to make life easier! With only building items being offered for sale at the in-game server shop and likewise, only certain items can be sold to the server, this keeps the economy fair and competitive!

If you prefer building with unlimited resources and space, then the creative world is for you! We use the latest PlotSquared plugin to ensure a smooth operation!

Our community has been grown from a small group of friends to a large network of people who just enjoy chatting and playing Minecraft! Come and join us!

If you're looking for a friendly community and enjoy just playing Minecraft, then come and check out our server today, we'd love to show you around