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状态 Unknown
最近PingMonitoring disabled
版本 1.18.2 1.19
类型 Skyblock MMO Adventure PvE
位置 Italy
最近更新03 Apr 2023
加入日期03 Apr 2023


Welcome to SocialTurn, an innovative and one of a kind Minecraft server! | IP is: | Version: 1.18.2+ | European with auto-translation of chat messages.

Thanks to the skills accumulated over the years, we have managed to create a revolutionary experience for players, who will be part of a very loyal community.
It's the perfect server for SkyBlock and McMMO lovers, where players can explore new maps, find different ways to power up and defeat custom mobs in various Adventures.
The adventures are worlds of increasing and exponential difficulty, where you will have to kill custom mobs of all kinds to get rewards to upgrade your island, your weapons and armor. The challenge level is very high!

The server will be seasonal, each season will last 4 months, after which the islands will be reset and the best islands and the best player will get cash prizes that can be spent on our online shop, and also money in your paypal account.
You can also participate in many events!