投票支持 服务器

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Discord Discord
状态 Unknown
最近PingMonitoring disabled
版本 1.19.30
类型 Multiplayer Survival PvP Friendly staff Fun SMP Custom Plugins
位置 Sweden
最近更新26 Mar 2023
加入日期11 Mar 2023


We are an evolving and unique, custom MP server where you can choose the outcome! We have a strong focus on our community and together with Discord.


This server will build up and become something special as our fellow guest and members will vote for the next upcoming ideas for the server! How will that work?
Well yes, you can join our discord server and you will find channel and information about all this and how to vote and suggest new stuff there.

Ember Worldz has a lot of vacant positions in the staff team that we are looking forward to fill! The application process may take some time to find a final ethical decision, however we all look forward to welcome new members to the staff team.

We are looking for members who have past experience with handling servers, however, we are not looking for Administrators, the administrators will be hand-picked.