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网站 wckdgaming.com
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类型 Skyblock Survival Economy PvE PVP Friendly Custom Items
United States
最近更新31 Dec 2022
加入日期31 Dec 2022


WCKD Skyblock (Formerly Goldcraft) has been around for 8 years and we're still growing. Over the time, we've slowly modified and fixed the server to make it perfect to our players. Not only are we set on perfection, but we strive to make it a friendly and memorable experience for all of our players. We have an amazing staff team set out to help and moderate all of our players. We currently have Skyblock, Boss fights, Trades, Auctions, Player shops, and more is yet to come. WCKD Skyblock is built to provide amazing game play, with no lag, and a perfect set up. Upon joining the skyblock server, you can use the command /island create to create an island and /island to bring up the island menu.

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