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状态 Online
最近Ping32 minutes 33 seconds ago
版本 1.19.2
类型 Pve Survival Tech Create Modded New Land Claim Adventure AntiGrief Community Whitelist
位置 Finland
最近更新09 Dec 2022
加入日期09 Dec 2022


The Industrial Revolution is a World of Science and Discovery. Come explore a new land, where the power of machines, mechanisms, gadgets and more, will help you stake your claims and rise above any challenges you would face.


Build Jet Packs, Nuclear Reactors, Auto-Mining Machines, Super Tools, working Windmills and Waterwheels. Use Create mod to make large doors and bridges that actually move the way you want them to, and so much more.


We are a Fresh server still carving our way in the world and building it up to be a place suitable for all players. Come join us on our journey as we push the limits of Science and Tech mods!

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