Star MC

投票支持 服务器

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状态 Unknown
最近PingMonitoring disabled
版本 1.19.2
类型 Survival Economy Crates Custom Enchants Semi Vanilla
最近更新08 Oct 2022
加入日期08 Oct 2022


StarMC is a semi-survival economy server with a few added sprinkles!

We offer a bunch of features to make your stay more comfortable

Random Teleport
Every player has access to a random teleport, so you can find the perfect spot to start your adventure!

Grief Prevention
Our claiming system allows you to protect your home and items from anyone who may try to steal, damage or otherwise grief.

Admin Shop, Chest Shops and Auction House
We have a shop GUI you can buy and sell materials from the server, chest shops, so you can create your own shops and an auction house to sell special items or in bulk!

We offer different kind of crates from vote crates to event crates!

We hope to create a small and cozy community of players on our server and evolve Star MC based on our communities suggestions and input <3