Naruto New Age

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版本 1.16.5
类型 Achievements Cracked Modded Modpack Naruto Adventure
最近更新30 Sep 2022
加入日期30 Sep 2022


Welcome to Naruto: New Age. Enter a dark alternate timeline in the Naruto universe, where an unhinged man known as the Red Tengu froze 95% of Earth's population. After 30 years of being stuck on ice, you wake up to a world more devoid of life and soul than the one you fell asleep in. With the world being in it's most disconnected and broken state yet, you are forced to take every bit of advice your Sensei Tadako taught you, and use it to save the world. Battle giant creatures of unfathomable power, take on evil organisations (or join them), explore the New Age and form your own path in this technology-ridden world.