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状态 Online
最近Ping10 minutes 52 seconds ago
版本 1.18.2
类型 4Fun Achievements Active Adventure AntiGrief Balanced Economy Auction DonatorRanks Exploring Leveling
最近更新21 Jun 2022
加入日期21 Jun 2022


🌙 Welcome to Moonlight Survival 🌙

We are a 1.18 Java Survival Server. You may join and play regular survival, but with other people and a couple plugins to spice up gameplay experience!

🌑 Rankup

Level up and become the best - buy in-game ranks and get access to better permissions our ranks are

VIP, MVP, Apollo and Luna


🌑  Grief prevention

Claim blocks - right click the opposite corners of an area with a golden shovel to claim it and to ensure no unwanted players can build or destroy anything on your land


🌑 Jobs

Simply run the command /jobs join to open a GUI and select a job of your choice by right clicking and get paid in-game money 


🌑 Player Shops

Choose multiple ways to get paid for selling items or buying from other player shops. You have the choice of Auction House sell your own items with /ah sell (hold the item you want to sell in your hand), or browse and purchase stuff from others with /ah. Open your own chest shops by shift+left clicking a chest, or getting access to all player shops with /shops. Otherwise teleporting to other players shops


⚠️Server IP:

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