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United Kingdom
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QuestCraft - Come see if you got what it takes to become the greatest adventurer our server has! Our Server main focus is RPG Style to become a MMORPG server! Come Level up your skills & become the strongest player we have! Level up your Swords skill, Axes, Archery & Much more to get the highest power level you can!

Youtube Video:

Start this server off Right by claiming your Starter kit with /kits It's not much but will help to start! You will start off in spawn where quest master Hydra & a few others stay. Complete quest to receive in-game rewards such as Items, Xp, Quest points & more! I'm working hard behind the scene to add alot of quests into this server please be patient if you do complete them all. They are replayable!

This server runs Many plugins to improve the experience! We listen to suggestions as well so if you do have any ideas please feel free to let me know!

------plugin list--------- "As of 22th may 2022"
BKCommonLib, Citizens, Companions, CustomStructures, DailyRewards, dtlTraders, Fe*, floodgate, Geyser-Spigot, GWarp, Maplands, mcMMO, PlayerKits, PowerRanks, Quests, QuestsGUI, TimeIsMoney, Vault, Votifier, VotingPlugin, WorldEdit, WorldGuard

Some plugins shown only admins can use also I have removed the anti-cheat from this list so hackers dont know what there up against ;)

Thanks for taking your time & Reading this hope to see you in-game

I am the server Owner Dan, In-Game: FB_D_Gaming I have alot of coding experience working with MineCraft & Runescape Servers, This server is created for FUN only! Not profit! Please feel free to contact me In-Game.

*Server Rules Below*

2. No Bullying, Racism or Hate Speech!
3. No Spamming Chat!
4. Do not obstruct Admins or Building from completing tasks!
5. Have Fun

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