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版本 1.18.x 1.18
类型 PvP Survival Multiplayer Survival Pve Survival Balanced Economy Economy Fun Unique New
United States
最近更新02 Mar 2022
加入日期19 Feb 2022


 Welcome to our town adventurer! 


Here in our community you can interact with 100+ different and unique NPC's scattered throughout our town where people actually live. You will find our town members venturing, chatting and living it up!


We provide countless features that are each configured to fit perfectly into the theme of a Survival server. Each feature brings something unique and entertaining to our community!

💸 No pay to win content.
🧰 Several earnable kits to enhance your gameplay.
👹 Upgraded mobs, custom mobs and rewards for killing each.
🏙️ A living city of NPC's that you can interact and speak with
🩸 Blood nights
🤸‍♀️ Enhances mobs and various combinations of mobs
🎰 Real roulette table
🌳 Chop down tree's realistically
👉 Daily, Weekly & Monthly challenges
✔️ Skills for just about everything you can do. Level up to earn benefits and more
🌀 Player warps to share your creations with the community
📛 Custom tags
💰 Balanced economy featuring player aspects and server economy
💼 Several money making methods including jobs, gambling, cryptocurrency trading, selling unwanted items to the server. 


Bedrock Port: 8001