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版本 1.18
类型 Balanced Economy Townywars Towny MCjobs Warps ChestShop Multiplayer Survival
United States
最近更新12 Jan 2022
加入日期11 Jan 2022


Join an Exciting World full of adventure and friends. Join a Kingdom and work together with citizens to build up, and defend your kingdom from enemies. trade and grow your kingdom's by taking on jobs and tasks given by the kingdom leader. Participate in engaging activities hosted by the server team to earn prizes and unique rewards. Are you ready? Join today and Rule your World!

NOTE: We are not a factions themed server. Yes this is a TownyWars Server but that does not mean we encourage toxicity or agressive play. Our community is setup to be a safe space for everyone to learn, grow and have fun in a safe and controlled manner away from the toxicity and agressiveness found on most factions based servers. We aim to be unique and different in that respect. So feel free to give us a try and see what Kingdom Wars is all about.