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状态 Unknown
最近PingMonitoring disabled
版本 1.17.10 1.17.1
类型 Survival Hardcore Pvp Events Anarchy Empires Hub Network BungeeCord Friends SMP
United Kingdom
最近更新09 Nov 2021
加入日期04 Nov 2021



DarkxCraft is a new survival based server providing multiple survival modes for players to enjoy, our server isnt and will never be pay to win and we hope to have fun events for players to compete and win prizes outside and inside the game We provide a fun enviroment for all types of players, our gamemodes include give all players to join a server depending on how they want to play. some modes offer anarchy type behaviour and others are more friendly for people to build freely,


Survival Mode: Our survival mode is a semi-vanilla survival world with custom biomes , pvp events,  no hacking and other fun features to create a more enjoyable experience, we have a no hacking and no pay to win tolerance raiding and griefing will be allowed, very few chat rules for players to talk freely with the exception of certain words. More Info in discord

Empire Mode: empire mode is a more friendly mode for players who do not want toxic behaviour, griefing wont be allowed as server has land claiming, bullying, insulting and harrassing wont be allowed and players can report players in discord to remove any unwanted people. 

Hardcore Mode:Hardcore mode willl be the the hardest mode of them so players who want to play with more of a challenge this is the mode for them as players will recieve 1 day temp ban every death they get with only 100k set boarder. Custom biomes will also create harder lands to travel through, killing , stealing and most things are allowed in hardcore apart from no hacking.