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Discord Discord
状态 Unknown
最近PingMonitoring disabled
版本 1.17.1
类型 Towny Townywars Pve Survival PvP Survival Survival Economy Jobs Custom Enchants
United States
最近更新02 Nov 2021
加入日期02 Nov 2021


A Strategic Towny war server where you can do rpg-like things i.e. go to space, launch complex wars and much more.

- Towny
- Jobs
- C/E
- DualWield Weaponry
- VeinMine
- Slimefun4
- TownySiege
- AutoLapis
- GraveStones
- BackPack
- Double Enderchests

[​1] No Toxicity.
[​2] No Hacking, Exploits, Glitches, cheating, etc.
[​3] Griefing others is illegal except during town war.
[​4] Your claims are your responsibility.
[​5] Follow Discord TOS:
[​6] Follow Minecraft EULA:
[​7] No Circumvention, bypassing, bending, twisting of the rules to push things in your favor.
[​8] Your account is your responsibility, No exceptions.
[​9] Use common sense & logic if you do not have none that is on you, not the staff nor the server.
[​10] Not a single item will be handed out, unless **you** not the staff can prove that It Is solely the servers fault for item loss
[​11] No positions of staff will be given upon request. repeated requests will result in a mute.
[​12] Do not pester the owner excessively, he is a very busy man and will get to you asap.
***The rules are subject to change at any moment without notice it is your responsibility to check for these changes***