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版本 1.18.2
类型 Semi Vanilla Economy Pve Survival Multiplayer Survival Hermitcraft AntiGrief Active
United Kingdom
最近更新03 Apr 2022
加入日期21 Oct 2021


Lunar Survival Multiplayer [​Semi-Vanilla] [​SMP] {1.18.2} {Active Community} {HermitCraft-Like} {Economy} {BUILDERS-NEEDED}

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Lunar Survival is a popular up and coming Semi-Vanilla Minecraft multiplayer server! Here are some of the features that this server offers:

• The server is Semi-Vanilla meaning we offer some extra commands to our players to make their time on our server just a little easier and more fun!

Here are some examples of such commands: /home, /tpa, /sit, /rtp, /seen, /playtime

• Players can set up and establish their bases anywhere they want in the world! And, make anything they wish!

• Set up shops in the server’s Shopping District as apart of our player run economy! You can sell items or services to other members of the server to make a profit! Allowing you to buy from others!

•We have a friendly and active community on the Minecraft server and our ever-growing discord server! Our Discord also has many fun bots and appealing features like reaction roles!

• Many plug-ins have been installed to give our players a more enjoyable experience while they are on our server. We also have active staff and an arsenal of logging and restoring plugins to protect the server from hackers, griefers and thieves so no need to worry about your base or shop being destroyed or stolen from

• We are always keeping our eyes open for new staff, we are more inclined to accept players once they’ve spent some time on the server to get to know it. However currently we are open for new builders applicants. Staff & Builder applications can be found in our discord server:

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