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状态 Online
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版本 1.18.2
类型 Semi Vanilla Balanced Economy Custom Enchants Towns Quests Friendly Lgbt
United States
最近更新21 Mar 2022
加入日期22 Sep 2021


FlopCraft officially launches on the 9th April 2022!

At FlopCraft, we are an inclusive LGBTQIA+ Minecraft Server for all LGBTQIA+ gamers and our allies!

Discord: flopcraft.com
Twitter: twitter.com/flopcraftmc
Store: store.flopcraft.com
Map: map.flopcraft.com

What's FlopCraft About?

Well... we started FlopCraft with the idea of creating a safe space for LGBTQIA+ people like ourselves and our allies. We want this server to be almost like a family, a place to escape to when the real world is too much. We want our players to not have to worry about homophobic people, our staff are active and will ensure our players are safe from that sort of negativity. We have a ZERO tolerance of hate of any kind.
Just remember, you are never alone. Most of our staff here are also LGBTQIA+. And we want all players to feel welcome and safe!

Our Features!

Well... where to start!

1.8 PVP
Realistic Seasons
Player Warps
In-game Ranks
Premium Ranks (Supporter/VIP/MVP/SUPREME)
Crates (Survival/Vote/Premium/Cosmetic)
Server Wide Animal Teleport!
Quests [​Purchase Quests in game and complete objectives to earn a reward!]
Player Shops and Market [​Create your own shops! or buy from others!]
Land Claiming and Grief Prevention [​Zero tolerance to Griefing]
Jobs! [​Choose from Miner, Hunter, Farmer, Lumberjack and Fisherman]
Custom Enchantments
Voting Rewards/Pinata Party
Daily Rewards for Playing!
Daily Events [​Fishing Contest, and more!]
Resource World [​Resets once a week!] incl. Nether and End
and a 25,000 x 25,000 World!

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