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状态 Unknown
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版本 1.8 1.19
类型 SMP Earth Guns Geopolitical Custom lifesteal
位置 Canada
最近更新22 Apr 2023
加入日期28 Jul 2021


Welcome to TropicMC, an engaging and immersive Minecraft server network that brings the excitement of geopolitical strategy, towny survival multiplayer, and competitive gameplay to life.

TropicMC boasts a realistic Earth map, where players can join forces, establish towns, and create powerful nations. Our unique geopolitical earth towny survival mode offers custom content, including new crops, dynamic seasons, powerful guns, and intense wars. Challenge your friends and foes, form strategic alliances, and go to war in a bid to "make history" and conquer the world.

Our balanced progression system ensures that every player has a fair chance to grow and prosper. Commandeer a range of vehicles to aid in your conquest, engage in fierce combat, and experience real competition as you vie for supremacy on the server.

In addition to our geopolitical mode, TropicMC is also home to the competitive Lifesteal server, a thrilling variation reminiscent of factions gameplay.

Battle it out in this heart-pounding game mode where every death matters. As you defeat your enemies, you'll gain hearts while they lose theirs. But beware: running out of hearts will lead to a temporary ban. The stakes have never been higher!

Join TropicMC today and become part of a thriving community that strives to make history and conquer the world. Will you rise to the challenge and leave your mark on our ever-evolving world? The adventure awaits!