KosmosMC Reborn

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状态 Online
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版本 1.19.4
类型 Towny Balanced Economy Arena Pvp mcmmo MMOItems Mythicmobs Minigames Survival Land Claim
位置 United States
最近更新19 May 2023
加入日期20 Jul 2021


KosmosMC is a Towny survival experience aimed at giving a relaxing, enjoyable, inclusive and memorable time. Become the richest player, or maybe just build for fun. Build a mega-shop, or maybe just sell some potatoes. Grind for the best custom items, or stick with your vanilla stuff. Whatever your playstyle, KosmosMC Reborn has a place for you.

At KosmosMC, you will find a no grief, no cheating, inclusive and friendly environment. Hard work is rewarded, but just chilling is always fun too. We would love to have you here!

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