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版本 1.20.1
类型 SMP Roleplay Multiplayer Java Custom Coded
位置 United States
最近更新25 Sep 2023
加入日期25 Mar 2021



Uroboros is an ever evolving project to create an immersive and expanded minecraft experience.

While we try and keep our third party plugins to a minimum, we write our own custom plugins.

We are working to implement RPG style stats / skills and class paths. And an interactive and lively world.

Some of the things that have been implemented:

- Economy / custom drops

- Custom Achievements

- Mail

- Stats and combat skill effects

- new foods

- a lovely little spawn town with iteractable NPCs

- a 'Protection Node' System to claim areas / set permissions

- custom mobs

- minigames

Some things to come:

- Magic/thief/ranger/technomancer/controller classes

- Faction / reuptation system

- Territorial struggles for factions

The only thing missing is you!

And of course, lost and lots of development.

We have an RP-Lite setup where our characters are who we are and we live and play into the past and current activities as lore.

Come join us and take part in the shaping of our future.

More is getting implemented all the time.

If you're considering joining, please stop by our discord and say hi:




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