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Discord Discord
状态 Unknown
最近PingMonitoring disabled
版本 1.16.5
类型 City Faction Survival Safe Survival Survival Slimefun Spigot
United Kingdom
最近更新18 Mar 2021
加入日期18 Mar 2021


-> Supports PC, Bedrock, VR
-> All about teamwork
-> We can help you out by importing pre-built structures (Costs in-game money)
-> Driveable vehicles (No texture pack required)
-> Custom driveable multi-block vehicles (Air/Water only) 
-> Custom furniture
-> Lots of industrial modpack-like additions and gadgets (Jetpack, Multimeter, Multi Tool)
-> Industrial Multiblock Machinery (Forge, Ingot Factory, Kitchen)
-> Magic Items (Elemental Staff, Ancient Altar, Ender Backpack) 
-> Industrial vehicles to make your job easier (Tractor, Drill, Submarine)
-> Much needed subtle additions (Porta Bin, Porta Crafter, Backpacks, Bandage, Medicine)
-> Loads of food with their respective variations and cooking styles (Cheese Hamburger ≠ Hamburger)
-> New fruit that grows on trees
-> Energy Generation and Usage
-> Programmable robots (Used for farming, mining, fishing, and more)
-> Cargo Management
-> Plots and an area rollback system
-> Skin changer
-> Cosmetics system used in and outside lobby area 
-> MC MMO leveling system
-> Auction House 
 -> Sit on stairs and slabs

Join today and transform the trees and grass into an industrial planet!
Note: Stuff between the parentheses are examples, Not a full list