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版本 1.17.1
类型 Survival Achievements Dungeons Discord Land Claim MCMMO Pve Survival Rankup Dynmap Sethome
United States
最近更新19 Sep 2021
加入日期03 Mar 2021


version: 1.17.1 or newest bedrock version
Port: Default (Java 25565 / Bedrock 19132)
Welcome to our survival server, here's a list of features:
  • Earn money from mob kills
  • Earnable ranks you can get for playtime, money, and a few other pre-requisites
  • No pay to win aspects (Packages are cosmetic, or everyone gets an equal benefit)
  • Auction House to sell items to other people
  • /warp shops for a central place to sell bulk items to players
  • Discord server for communication -
  • Chests for your items when you die
  • Land claims to protect your builds
  • McMMO and Jobs so you can hone your skills and earn money
  • Safari Nets so you can capture your favorite mobs to make a zoo
  • Nerfed Phantoms with less health and attack damage
  • Custom dungeons throughout the world
  • Hourly respawning ender dragon
  • Custom crafting recipes
  • Chest shop for you to sell to other players
  • Crates for free stuff (including things you cant normally get in survival)

Movie night every Saturday between 9PM and 12AM EDT. 
Come join the party in our Discord.



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Change Logs
21 Aug 2021

➔ New crate system with many items you can't normally get in survival

➔ New way to earn crate keys if more than 3 people are online (it will appear in chat)

➔ New Donor shop for anyone to help support the server

23 Aug 2021

➔ Fixed an issue where the flight plugin wasnt enabled (you can now get flight time from crates, logging in daily (1 minute a day + whatever you get from crates), and 5 minutes for anyone who logs into the server for the first time since the flight plugin was introduced)

➔ Added the chance of getting a blocks crate key (apparently i forgot this)

➔ Added tempfly time to the tablist

➔ /crate (and /crates) command exists as a shorthand for /warp crates - What other short hands should i try to make?

04 Sep 2021

Today is officially 6 months since we made Lutton-Bourne open to the public

to celebrate, there is a new command you can use called /sixmonths and it will give you 4 different rewards

you have a few days to get online and claim the free stuff!

19 Sep 2021

➔ Fixed an issue where the end border wasnt set to 90,000 blocks, but 60,000

➔ also fixed the worldborder in the nether. 90000 (overworld worldborder) / 8 = 11250

➔ Fixed a few other worldborder related settings

➔ there is now a way to report bugs or ask questions that only staff will see using support-tickets channel on discord