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版本 1.16.5
类型 AutoRank Balanced Economy Player Shops MCMMO Skyblock Oneblock Land Claim PvE Survival Creative
United States
最近更新16 May 2021
加入日期13 Feb 2021


Attention all miners! 
Tired of people stealing your stuff? We have LWC to lock your chests!
Do you want to live alone on a floating island? We have SkyBlock!!
How about your own shop? We have Signshop! It allows you make your own shop and sell what you want!
Want to brag about who has the higher rank? Autorank allows you to rank up over time and with Mcmmo!
Want to protect your land?! We have Grief Prevention! But not a most. Still want the option tho?
Want to build in Creative?! We have a Creative Flat world!
And much more!!
Well do we have just the server for you! Introducing PROJECT OF THE DAY!!! 
Here you can have as many friends as you want, build without restriction, and avoid people griefing your base like there's no tomorrow, today! Project Of The day - Number 1 rule, Enjoy!

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