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状态 Unknown
最近PingMonitoring disabled
版本 1.16.4
类型 Skyblock
United States
最近更新28 Feb 2021
加入日期10 Jan 2021


Welcome to Blazed Skyblock! We hope you enjoy your stay! This server features: Skyblock Minions VoidChests Tokens Ingame ranks Discord community More to come! The server has a vast amount of opportunities for creative and adventurous minds. Here is a brief description of a couple of the plugins on the server. Minions will help by mining materials for you and add them to a chest. There are different types of minions to purchase so take a look in the shop. Minions can be used alongside the void chest. Void chests will automatically sell items and add the money to your account. This plugin works well with the minions to help generate an income from farming. To get started, join the game and go to the info hub where there will be more information about the server and how to get involved. Rules 1. No griefing or stealing from anyone or their islands 2. Any hacked accounts or clients will resort to an instant ban. 3. Do not spam, abuse or racial slurs. 4. No TP-killing or trapping of any kind will be tolerated. 5. AFK pools will not be permitted on this server or any afk farms, 6. No exploitation, scamming or posting of misleading items on /ah will be allowed 7.Player harassment is strictly prohibited. Excessive use of /TPA as well as remaining in an area when being asked to leave also count as harassment. 8. Any evasion of mutes, bans via alts will result in a permanent ban. Complaining will only increase the duration of the ban or mute. 9. Keep general chat PG-13, friendly and in english. In addition, refrain from excessive swearing , cursing or anything offensive to anyone. 10. Keep all political topics in the discord and other topics. 11. Economy exploits, game exploits and bugs should be reported in the discord or to staff members. Not reporting is punishable with permanent ban. More details on rules are listed in discord #rules.