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版本 1.16.5
类型 Faction Survival Faction Wars Land Claim Claim pvp Griefing Factions FullPvP
United Kingdom
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加入日期17 Jul 2020


We Support Bedrock & Java Players
Java IP: unicraft.live:25565
Bedrock IP: unicraft.live:19132
Discord : Click Here to Join Discord
We are a 24/7 'Vanilla' Faction Server, with average map lengths of 6-months. We have tried to keep the Server as simple as possible, but added Plugins & Features to assist gameplay. These include:
🏴‍☠️ Raid your Enemies
🤫 Build or Deceive your Alliances Trust
🎒 Backpacks (expand your inventory)
⚔️ Player vs Player with additional Duelling System
🔨 Auto-Crafting Chests
🥕 Farming
💰 Auto-Selling Chests
🤝 Player Owned Shops & Trading
🛒 Server Shop
🏅 Vote Rewards
⛏ Mineable Spawners (Silk Touch Only)
📈 Faction Leaderboards (FTop)
🏆 End of Season with Real Awards

We have an established playerbase of good, competitive PvP'ers. Although we are a Faction server and raiding / griefing plays a large part in day to day, we have a respectful community and great (and active!) Staff Team. Each reset there is a 7-day grace period of no explosions. This gives everyone the opportunity to build a base and get somewhat established before the chaos begins. We do not have pages and pages of rules, though we do not accept insiding. That in itself is bannable. There is nothing worse than spending a very long time on a base that would be difficult to raid, to have it taken from someone you thought you could trust. Alliance Raiding is allowed however (if you want to be sneaky). We have End of Season Rewards for the Faction that is on top, come the end of the map. These will be distributed as per the Faction Leaders request.

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