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状态 Online
最近Ping13 minutes 30 seconds ago
版本 1.16
类型 Semi Vanilla Survival No Whitelist Semivanilla LandProtection Land Claim Custom Plugins Community Custom Coded Friendly
United States
最近更新19 Sep 2020
加入日期03 Jun 2020


No whitelist, join now!



At NetherGlow, our goal is to create the VANILLA Minecraft experience with very minimal, fun and necessary amount of additions for multiplayer. We also do our best to keep the server free of hackers, cheaters and hate speech. Looking for more players to join our friendly community!


About Server
• Vanilla/Survival/PVP/PVE
• Difficulty level is set to hard
• There is no world limit
• The ONLY teleport command is /spawn
• Hosted on a dedicated server and the first 10k blocks from spawn are pre-generated to reduce lag!
• There are NO donation perks
• Run by mature staff
• Cheating is taken very seriously, play with peace of mind knowing that we do actively track and ban any cheaters!


Custom Plugins
• Beacons provide land/item/PVP protection within effect range
• Player-owned shops can be placed anywhere within your beacon zone (usually around spawn)
• You can get decorative player heads for killing another player, mobs, or voting.
• Only 1/3 of players in the overworld need to sleep to change night to day.

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