Orbis Survival

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网站 orbis.fun
Discord Discord
状态 Unknown
最近PingMonitoring disabled
版本 1.18.1
类型 MCMMO Datapacks Land Claim Bluemap Terralith Towns town Player Shops
位置 United Kingdom
最近更新16 Dec 2021
加入日期17 Jul 2019


Server IP: mc.orbis.fun
Bluemap: map.orbis.fun

What we offer
Orbis has always tried to provide a unique survival experience with a community built on player feedback we pride ourselves on what we offer! Through many years of experience, we've crafted and refined our Survival experience to be the best it can be for our players. Our server is built around community with the ability to claim lands and make Nations, with a party system and chest based player shops. We also enhance the vanilla experience with plugins such as mcMMO, as well as our own scripting with great plans for the future!

Native 1.18.1
Terralith Overworld Generation Datapack
Skill Levelling System with mcMMO
Land Claiming and Player Nations
Bluemap with Players and Lands
Player Shop based Economy
Dedicated Developers
Advanced Scripting