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状态 Online
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版本 1.18.2
类型 Economy Survival PVP Semi Vanilla Raiding Rewards Normal
最近更新17 May 2022
加入日期04 Dec 2018


SunnyShadows is a server based in Sweden that has a lot to offer to people who are looking for a reliable Minecraft server with a twist to the pure vanilla experience. We started almost seven years ago as a building project with very few features but have since then entirely revamped the server.


So is this server for you? Well, as of today, you can:

- Explore, fight and build in an unlimited world, which also includes the Nether and the End
- Utilise an array of commands to improve your survival experiences, such as set home, teleport requests to players and warps
- Sell and buy almost every item in the game in our stores scattered around our detailed spawn town using our in-game currency
- Buy plots of land to build in a 100% protected neighbourhood to erase the chance of being raided
- Purchase property in our spawn city to flaunt your wealth. You can also buy cheap chest storage to keep items safe, and market stands where you can sell your items to other players
- Fight in the arena to defeat your opponents and proclaim yourself as the champion of the server
- Try out our parkour courses for a chance to win large sums of in-game money
- Search for well placed hidden rooms in
- Join our Discord channel to communicate with the admins and other players, but also to talk to players in-game using our synchronised chats



On SunnyShadowz you can progress through a set of ranks:
- Member
- VIP+
- Moderator

You begin as a Member. The rest are obtainable by just playing and sticking to the rules, but by far the easiest one is VIP which gives you access to placing more warps, starting a vote to change the time of day or the weather, purchasing a large plot of land and more. Read up on all the benefits for each rank on our website.

Our staff is very organised; any issues that show up are placed on a to-do list as soon as we know about it, and dealt with in due time, depending on how critical the issue is. Suggestions on price changes also end up here, because as we are selling over 300 items, keeping it balanced is essential. Luckily, the system we have in place is robust and allows us to modify and re-balance the pricing quickly.


Please do not ask us if we need staff because you must earn ALL ranks.


Rules (very brief, see full detail in-game or on our website)

1. No griefing (exceptions: The Nether or The End)
2. Be respectful towards everyone
3. No excessive swearing
4. No glitching
5. No cheats/mods (X-ray, Fly Hack etc.)
6. No spamming chat (public and private)
7. No trolling, scamming or rank abuse
8. No advertising and no links the may contain pornography, racism or disturbing content
9. No anti-AFK mechanisms
10. No offensive or intentionally laggy build


Please observe: NEVER share personal or sensitive information about you, such as your full real name or home address, on public servers in the main chat. If you wish to do so in a private message, please be aware that ALL messages are logged on this server to find players breaking specific rules. Remember to report any lousy chat behaviour.


Our server is in 24/7 operation but will occasionally go offline for plugin updates, server security updates, Minecraft updates etc.


Every staff member knows both Swedish and English.


We are always looking at ways to improve our server. Player feedback is invaluable to us, and we will try never to leave anyone empty-handed.


If you wish to learn more about SunnyShadowz, our website should have everything you need.


You can also contact us on our Discord server if you have any questions.


IP Address:

Server computer specifications for the tech-savvy
- Quad-core CPU
- 8 GB server dedicated RAM
- 250 GB SSD
- 250 Mbit/s connection


We also run Paper, a more efficient and light-weight version of Spigot, to reduce lag to a minimum.

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