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版本 Latest 1.19
类型 Survival Land Claim Hard Server Essentials Economy ChestShop Claims Hard Rpg Adventure
位置 United States
最近更新27 Aug 2022
加入日期14 Nov 2015


~Welcome to SteeltonMC~


SteeltonMC is a survival based minecraft server with a long history. At its core, the community and player creativity drives gameplay. Our player base spans the generational gaps, with gamers of all ages coming together to enjoy Minecraft. We are a survival server where the players take charge of the world and its story. 


Ever wanted to become a virtual entrepreneur? The market economy and price for items are determined by the players, with shops being built by the players (with occasional help from the build team). 


Got an itch for leadership? A brave few within the community elect to make their own civilization; towns built, managed, and maintained by the players. Be safe within the grounds of other friendly citizens and protect your hard work with the claim system


Or perhaps you seek some adventure? While the core gameplay is based around vanilla, many features have been added to both prolong and enhance your playthrough. RPG elements include an overhaul to crafts such as blacksmithing and cooking, improved combat mechanics with an arsenal of unique weapons, along with…


Dungeons! Do vanilla dungeons seem plain and boring? Get your gear ready for SteeltonMC’s dungeon systems. Featuring hand-crafted dungeons with rich stories made by our talented builders and developers, and randomly generated dungeons throughout the overworld, no two dungeon crawls are exactly alike. But what’s a dungeon without monsters?


Through the use of Mythic, over 100 custom mobs can be encountered alongside the vanilla variety, each with their own traits and abilities. This includes boss monsters, powerful beings that are as rewarding to beat as they are risky to fight. Be prepared and bring a party of strong allies, some dungeons are a little more difficult than others…


But maybe the life of adventuring isn’t the one for you. Maybe you would rather settle down in a cozy homestead and make money through our scheduled fishing tournaments, or sell your artisan goods in the nearest town. The story is yours to make, and our community the players to make it with.


Rules and Etiquette:


Our server follows the universal standards common throughout survival minecraft servers.


This includes the prohibition of spamming, advertising, blacklisted modifications (hacks, autoclickers, or any mod designed to give you an unfair advantage), and griefing of active player bases.


Modifications that are allowed include anything cosmetic and does not give you an unfair advantage such as Optifine, Lunar Client, etc. We offer a world map through the Dynmap plugin.


As a community driven server, we value players from all over the world regardless of identity. We ask that you treat your fellow players with respect and dignity above all else.


If you have any further questions, feel free to ask our active staff team for clarification on anything not mentioned above. We hope to see you soon!


Change Logs
27 Jun 2021

1.17 Update!

08 Jul 2022

Updated for 1.19