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排名165 Random Server
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版本 Interlude
类型 Substack
最近更新10 Aug 2020
加入日期10 Aug 2020


L2 Olddragon

Hello to all L2 lovers
We have good news to all L2 community.
We have been devoloping this project for 1 year
We finally have finished our Interlude server project with great care.
The first difference of our server is having a unique Stacksub system.

About Unique Stacksub System
What makes our Stacksub system unique is it's has "Retailsub" system.
You can only add 1 Stacksub to your main class.
That means you can have max "Main + 1 Stacksub".
The normal Subclass that you add from Grand Master doesnt count as a Stacksub.
Your skills will be not combined with the other class, if you chose your Subclass from Grand Master
You can add up to 3 Subclasses from Grand Master.
To make your character Stacksub, you must talk to "Stacksub Manager" who is standing near of the Olympiad Statue in Aden Town.

There are two type of Stacksubs in this unique system.

1. Method Normal Stacksub:
You can directly add a Stacksub to your character From "Stacksub Manager" when you finished your 3rd class quest and having 1 Longhorn by killing Longhorn Golkonda.

2. Method Retail Stacksub:
You can add a Stacksub after adding a normal Subclass from a Grand Master.
Thus you can access to the other classes which is they are normally inaccessible
For example: In first method your main class is Doomcryer.
If you want to add a Stacksub to this class
you can't choose any other class From "Stacksub Manager" except these classes "Titan , Grand Khavatari and Dominator".
That's mean you cant leave from your Race circle.
If you chose one of that classes you became directly a Stacksub with your chosen class.
From now you can use two classes skills.

Second example: Let's say your Main class is a Doomcryer again and you have spoken to one of "Human's Grand Master" not to "Stacksub Manager !!!!!".
And you wanted to add a human Subclass.
This time you have plenty of choices to make.
You can choose a Necromancer, Hawkeye, or Sorcerer etc etc.
Let's say you choose Necromancer as a second class.
Your skills will not combine with that class.
But When you go to "Stacksub Manager" as Necromancer and wanted to add Stacksub to your Subclass char.
You be able to choose a Tiatan, Khavatari or a Dominator for your Necromancer class.
Thus you will be able to do what is not possible in Method 1.
you can make "Necromancer + Titan" etc etc.
The second method may take more time than the first. But it's totally worth it.

About Server Rates
Exp : 15x
SP : 15x
Adena :15x
Drop : 15x
Spoil : 15x
Quest Rate: 5x
Quest Reward 1x

All Rates are same with Retail
Weapon : 66%
Armor : 66%
Jewel : 66%
Blessed Weapon 70%
Blessed Armor 70%
Blessed Jewel 70%
Weapon Max : 20
Armor Max : 20
Jewel Max : 20

All Rates are same with Retail
Low Skill Chance : 5%
Mid Skill Chance :10%
High Skill Chance : 15%
Top Skill Chance : 20%
Low Glow Chance : 20%
Mid Glow Chance : 40%
High Glow Chance : 70%
Top Glow Chance : 100%

All Buff Slots are same with Retail
Max Buff : 26+4 (Divine Insipration)
Max Debuf : 6

Voiced Commands
.menu : Account Panel
.sellbuffs : Sell Buff Panel
.offline : Offline Shop

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