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排名54 Random Server
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版本 C6 Interlude
类型 Custom Zone GM Shop Custom Tattoos Global GK NPC Buffer Pvp
Dominican Republic
最近更新18 Jul 2020
加入日期10 Jan 2019


Client: Interlude
Type: Craft-PvP
XP: 500x
AD: 300x
SP: 500x
Starting LvL: 1
Max LvL: 80

Custom Enchant system:

Safe enchant: +4
Max enchant: +25
Enchant rate decreases every enchant level.

Enchant Scrolls:

Normal Scroll: When enchant fails item gets crystallized.
Crystal Scroll: When enchant fails item goes back to +4. 
 Blessed Scrolls max encanta (+20). 
 Crystal Scrolls max encanta (+25). 
 Scroll Enchant - 70%. 
Blesse Scroll Enchant   - 80%. 
Crystal Scroll Enchant  - 100%. 


Olympiad system:

On L2Rossy, even olympiad appears to be balanced. We're working hard every day in order to balance classes in olympiad.

Siege system:

All castle is siegeable to increase the competition.

Only waiting Clans that conquer it.

Farm Zones:

Varkas Silenos Farmer Blesse Enchant Armor S.
Monasterio Farmer Blesse Enchant Wearpon S.
Forge of Gods Farmer Glittering Medal.
Ketra Orc Farmer Blesse Enchant Armor, Wearpon B, A

Raiding System:

On L2Rossy, the raidbosses are spawned on their Retail spawn (like they are in official).

Augment Skills:

It is allowed 2 one passive and one active.

PvP System:

Primaveral Isle is a PvP Town
When you reach a PvP you will get 1 medal for each PvP, for your use in the game.


1: Grade:D
2: Grade:C
3: Grade:B
4: Grade:A
5: Grade:S


1: Grade:D
2: Grade:C
3: Grade:B
4: Grade:A
5: Grade:S

     6: Grade:S PvP


Raidboss Jewels
all ready


Good amount of accessories in the game.


Custom tattoos in the game.


Global Gatekeeper
Donate npc
Raidboss Info
Buffer, Scheme buffer
Roy the Rat

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