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版本 Epilogue
类型 Classic
最近更新21 Jan 2020
加入日期21 Jan 2020

服务器 信息

Chronicles Gracia Epilogue
Rates EXP x55, SP x55, x55 Adena, Drop x20, x20 Spoil Quests x8
. Donat does not affect gameplay!
. Convenient kommuniti (ALT+B) with Mamon in any week;
. Insert argumentation (ALT+B) Weapons/Jewelry;
. The best protection from bugs, dubow, Brutus, etc.;
. Each player bonus at start-Zaken - Ant Queen for 3 days;
. Auto learning of all skills up to level 85;
. Full implementation of all the locations and quests Epilogue;
. Safe sharpening +3 (+4), max á Weapons/Armor/Jewelry +20;
. Buff slot 32/13;
. Complete basic buff for 1 hours with the possibility of creation of personal schemes;
. One of the best geodat;
. Offline trade, the Manager of search of dealers of traded goods;
. Automated events every 2 hours;
. New changes and additions ( not any extra stats );
. Fully working Palace and the instant zone;
. Implemented a siege of all elite;
. Adequate and honest administration.