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排名20 Random Server
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United States
最近更新10 Jun 2020
加入日期10 Jun 2020


Skyblue roleplay is a custom policeRP server with tons of stuff to do.

On the server, We have..


Drugs : Meth / Weed ( Makers / Growers )

Custom Door System Such as locks which can be upgraded by buying the door and then pressing F3 to upgrade the locks

A Realistic Death / Injurey System

We have mining ( All Custom ) "The Pickaxe has over 15 levels"

Lawn Mower job while cutting Grass you can turn that grass into rolls and sell them.

Bank vault + A Jewelry Store ( Both Can be robbed )

A Custom ESC Menu

Custom Printers 

A Custom Leveling System 

A Custom GPS to help new players find where everything is around the map 

Custom Car Dealers + Cars + Skins + Working Police Car Lights

A driver's license system 

Custom Character Creator When First Logging into the server 

Custom Start up for all cars 

Repair Man Around the map + Gas Stations With working Gas Pumps

Custom GOV Jobs Such as 

Police / Swat / EMS / Fire / FBI & More coming soon!

All Custom Player Job Spawn Points

Remember we are only looking for more players to build this new server better in everyway.

Join Today!

Thank you 
( Founder )

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