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United States
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加入日期28 May 2020


Working hard to find a balance between fun and realism, we strive for excellence here at Sentience. Bullshit tends to ruin everything in the real world so I try to avoid it here as well. My only goal is to have a server that feels like home for everyone in it. We are extremely open to accommodations as we continue our push for excellence. As more goals are reached others will follow. There is no reason to stay stagnant! Please enjoy your time with us and feel free to help us grow through word of mouth, donating, or whatever you see fit. 

The server offers: over 30 custom jobs and weapon shipments, 100+ vehicles via VCMod, Bitminers, money printers, Steam group rewards, functioning nightclub with slots and arcade games, changing weather cycles, bank robbery, configured medicMOD and hospital, job vehicles, donor perks and jobs, Weed, LSD, Vapes, Cigarettes, balanced voting and demoting, in game arena, and more*.*

We run a simple warning system for our small list of rules to keep the server running smoothest.

We are always looking for respectable and outgoing staff to help us on our journey.

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