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Flyff Online服务器列表

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Guild Siege High Rate

Global PVP Mid Low Rate

Farming Guild Siege Low Rate 4th Job Beginner Items

Farming Mid Low Rate

v19 Mid Rate Guild Siege Farming Active Community

Friendly Mid Low Rate Free For All Siege Free To Win Inventory Tabs

Custom Systems Guild Siege Farming Active Community Fun

Low Rate Guild Siege Friendly Farming v16

Battle Royal PvP Fun

Guild Siege High Rate

Farming Low Rate fmw ultimate

Custom Systems All Versions Active Community No P2W Low Rate

Mid Rate Dungeons New Systems Closed Internal Beta

Low Rate Guild Siege Farming Friendly

Mid Rate

Mid Rate Guild Siege Friendly V15 OPEN SINCE 20190921

Low Rate Friendly Farming Guild Siege PVP

Low Rate

Custom Systems Farming Mid Rate No Pay To Win