Battle Cayo Perico

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类型 Fun Custom Onesync Racing minigames deathmatch freeroam
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最近更新20 Feb 2022
加入日期08 Feb 2022


What do you get when you take Grand Theft Auto V, Battlefield, and a bunch of childhood playground games, and then give all of the players hydras, rocket launchers, and military grade vehicles? A State of Total War


  • Squad Play
    Join with up to 3 friends and share in the points you earn as you complete objectives around the map! Don’t be a loner, play with others! Games are so much more fun with other people. Take it from me, over the last year of development I’ve spent hundreds of hours playing with myself (wait a minute, that came out wrong).

  • Airdrops
    Call in support for when you’re deep in the fight and running low on ammo or need armor. Everyone who joins during Beta starts off with $20.00 of credit, and credit can be earned through gameplay - No cash needed! You can start calling in airdrops from the moment you join.

  • Military Vehicles
    Enough of the “No, you can’t use that here” responses from server admins. Grab a hydra or a tank the moment you join the server and get to destroying stuff! Gone are the days of being kicked for going into Fort Zancudo - we encourage it!

  • Loadouts - Choose your favorite weapons and store them into loadouts that will automatically reset when you respawn or join the game at a later time