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类型 Gangs Drugs Economy Roleplay Fun Custom Cars
位置 United States
最近更新08 Feb 2022
加入日期07 Feb 2022


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Dope Wars is an actively developed server that is public to play, no intentions currently to become a whitelisted server but there as a backup in case required. Boasting custom cars, numerous MLO interiors and custom plugins, it aims to give players a familiar feel whilst being unique to keep it feeling fresh.

With a big focus on driving roleplay and character stories, there are some great quality of life features that will aid players in creating their story lines. The server is actively staffed by a great team, with a goal of teaching players the correct way and leaving punishment as a last resort. With a simple list of rules and an RP guide for players, we try our best to give the players the tools to be their best.

Now! We know some fancy wording and a fancy banner isn’t enough to have you try out our server… or is it? Well if you need more persuasion, keep reading into this post and hopefully you’ll be convinced to jump in and give it a shot!

If you are already persuaded, feel free to jump over to our discord to begin your journey!



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